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10th April 2015


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In the past year we have continued to distil our Islay single malt whisky and we are keen to share our insights and tales with you all as well as a few drams! We have some new whisky classes and sessions throughout the week which we hope you will enjoy and bring you closer to our whisky, people and our beautiful location.

We draw your attention to three new events this year starting on Bank Holiday Monday (25th) when we have our Master Distiller, Ian MacMillan launching our two Feis Ile 2015 releases to a small and intimate crowd. Join Ian as he conducts this special holiday dramming session in our ‘new’ warehouse 9 which has been created from our old floor maltings. A great way to start Feis Ile!

Make sure to purchase your ticket and be on your way to the beautiful Isle of Islay.