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25th May 2015


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Bunnahabhain will release two limited-edition single malts – an 18 year old Moscatel and Rubha A’ Mhail - to coincide with this year’s Fèis íle, the annual Islay Festival of Malt and Music.

There are only 250 bottles available of the rare Bunnahabhain Moscatel, exclusively created by Master Distiller, Ian MacMillan, and originally filled to traditional oak casks where the liquid matured for 16 years. It was then transferred into carefully selected Moscatel wine hogshead casks in the distillery’s Warehouse No. 8, where the malt lay undisturbed for a further two years, protected from the wrath of the Atlantic storms and the long summer days. The result is a medium rich, smooth and well balanced 18 year old with dark chocolate and dry sherry flavours, finishing with a seaside saltiness and spicy liquorice.

Bunnahabhain Rubha A’ Mhail (pronounced ‘rooaval’) takes its name from a modern day Helmsman’s tale. In October 1974, finding no berth in Oban, the Wyre Majestic and her sister ship, the Defence, attempted to steam to Fleetwood, north of Blackpool. Along the journey, the trawler strayed off course and hit the rocks at Rubha A’ Mhail. For 11 long days, the skipper stayed aboard attempting to free the vessel, but the Majestic sits stricken on the rocks at Bunnahabhain to this day.

Originally filled in Spanish Manzanilla sherry butts, Rubha A’ Mhail slowly matured in Warehouse No. 3. For 11 years, the full aromas and wood influences have complemented the signature Bunnahabhain flavours of sweet, rich fruit, toasted nuts and hints of sea salt to produce an expression with a rich tapestry of flavours.
Alison Gibb, Global Brand Manager at Burn Stewart, said:
“Both of these limited edition expressions embody the unique character of Bunnahabhain and highlight the importance of the Islay Festival. The event celebrates everything that is special to the island, home of Bunnahabhain, and we hope that festival-goers who visit the distillery will enjoy what we have created this year.”         

Moscatel and Rubha A’ Mhail will be available exclusively from the Bunnahabhain Distillery.