We celebrate our Gaelic roots and notoriously difficult to pronounce expressions, as well as our beautiful location overlooking the Sound of Islay in our new #DiscoverTheSoundOfIslay campaign.

We know our remote location on the North Eastern coast of Islay, nestled between the rolling hills and Bunnahabhain Bay, isn’t the easiest to get to, so we thought we’d bring it to you!

Follow us @Bunnahabhain to discover more about our unique pace of life, as we showcase what makes our distillery so special – from the challenging journey to get here, to the summer rain which feeds our water source (the Margadale Spring), to the warm welcome you’ll receive from Billy and the visitor centre team when you arrive at the distillery.  We’ll also be helping you out with hints and tips on how to pronounce our Gaelic whisky names such as Erigh Na Greine {Ay-ree ne gray-ny’uh} and Stiuireadair {Stew-rahdur}.


Our Brand Director, Derek Scott, hopes this new campaign will

“Bring people closer to the unique sound of Bunnahabhain’s location, production and pronunciation in a playful manner.  Our brand and many of our expressions hold tricky Gaelic names… The last census showed that only 1% of the Scottish population actually speak the language.  We’re aiming to showcase Bunnahabhain’s personality and heritage by embracing the fact that many people, including Scots, find our whisky names difficult to pronounce.  We hope this will aid us in driving a closer connection between our whisky, which is enjoyed worldwide, and our locational heritage.”


As you may know, the Sound of Islay – the narrow strait of sea between Islay and Jura – played a very important role in the early years of Bunnahabhain distillery.   Armed only with a small village, a pier and lots of whisky making know-how, our forefathers received supplies by boat and sent adventuring seafarers back to the mainland with casks of the ‘good stuff’.  Despite the road now being the main way to get to the distillery, the Sound of Islay continues to have a major influence on Bunnahabhain, with the sea leaving an indelible mark on every bottle of whisky crafted here.

You’ve tasted the history and complex character of our Islay Single Malt.  Now Discover the Sound of Islay as we share the sights and sounds of our unique distillery – follow @Bunnahabhain and #DiscoverTheSoundOfIslay to stay up to date.