Introducing our new Distillery Exclusives…Bunnahabhain Moine Marsala and Moine Brandy!

Whilst modern-day Bunnahabhain is known for being the un-peated Islay Malt, this wasn’t always the case.  In the late 19th century, when the distillery was first established, we used peated barley like many of the other distilleries on the Island.  Today at Bunnahabhain we still use mostly un-peated barley from the mainland; however our distillery manger loves to recreate the warm, smoky essence of the original Moines, finishing them in different casks to create something new and different.

Our Moine Distillery Exclusives are a great way to warm your bones on these cold winter nights, so keep an eye out for a release on our new Online Shop.  If you’re really lucky, and are planning a trip to Islay in the near future, make sure you Visit Us at Bunnahabhain for the personal touch.