Introducing the exquisite new addition to the Bunnahabhain family, the 1980 Canasta Cask Finish.

In the dry heat of southern Spain lies the town of Jerez. Each year, our Senior Blender, Dr. Kirstie McCallum, takes a trip to its many bodegas in search of the finest casks in which to age our whisky. At the bodegas of William & Humbert, using Palomino and Pedro Ximenez, they make a particularly sweet Oloroso Sherry, Canasta. Mahogany in colour, with aromas of dried nuts and a hint of raisins and brown sugar, Canasta is so distinct the casks that were used to make it were the perfect choice to finish this special Bunnahabhain.

Combining the briny, salty coastal character of our Bunnahabhain malt with the sweet rich sherried influence of Olorosso and Canasta casks, this 1980 limited edition release is something truly special.  Launched at the end of November, this is the latest rare edition to our Bunnahabhain family.

The sea plays an important part in the existence of any island, however for Bunnahabhain on the north-eastern tip of Islay, the sea was absolutely vital to survive.  Up until 1960, everything was delivered by boat.  Today with the road being used as the main access route, the waves carry a very different cargo – crew and passengers venturing ashore, often from stunning ocean yachts which provided ample inspiration for the beautifully crafted gift case, complete with multi-coloured wooden inlays and quilted leather interior.

We’ve only released 1200 bottles of this exquisite Single Malt worldwide, so if you have one of your own, you’re one of the lucky few, if you’d like one of your own, head on over to our Online Shop.