Shopping at Bunnahabhain Day

How can I pay for items at the distillery on Bunnahabhain Day?

We take cash and card in our Visitor Centre shop where you can buy whiskies, glassware and other accessories. There will also be some stalls at the distillery on the day which will ONLY take cash. Come prepared with cash as there are no cash machine facilities at the distillery.

Can I reserve bottles to pick up on the day?

Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve bottles to collect at the distillery. We will be operating a queuing system for our shop to ensure it is as fair as possible for all.

Can I leave my purchase somewhere safe and collect it at the end of the day?

Unfortunately we don't have the space to store any purchases for later collection. We would ask you to keep your purchases on you to avoid any lost items.

Bunnahabhain Day FAQs

What time does Bunnahabhain Day start?

Bunnahabhain Day officially kicks off at 10am (BST) on Friday, 2nd June 2023.

Do I need a ticket to go to Bunnahabhain Day?

No, it is free to join in the fun of Bunnahabhain day. Come and say hello at the welcome desk when you arrive to get your bearings and find out what's going on. Please note, we may have a small number of tickets at the welcome desk to purchase on the day as well. (Unfortunately we cannot guarantee tickets and numbers).

I can't make it to Bunnahabhain Day anymore. Can I have a refund for my ticket?

Unfortunately we are unable to refund tickets, but we can offer other times for your experience if available. Please contact the distillery as soon as possible if you would like to request a change of time. If it is believed that a ticket has been resold, the holder may be refused entry without payment of compensation. Any tickets purchased in advance are not valid in conjunction with any other promotion, special offer or voucher.  Prices may be subject to change, however the price on the pre-booked ticket is valid at the time of the purchase. Cancellation Exceptions:  We appreciate that getting to our island distillery can be at the mercy of weather and transport. Should any sailing or flight be cancelled due to weather or technical failure we will refund any experience impacted by such events.

I don't have a class booked, what else is going on at the distillery on the day?

We have music, games, bars, food trucks, tasting tents and our shop will also be open. Come and say hello at the welcome desk if you have any more questions!

Where should I go for my class?

Please report to the welcome desk when you first arrive and we'll point you in the right direction of your class. We ask you to please arrive at least 10 minutes before your class to ensure you have plenty of time to find where you're going. The classes will also be announced just before they are due to begin, asking you to make your way to the right location.

I've booked a class but I'm running late. What should I do?

If you are running late, please let us know as soon as possible by calling the Visitor Centre on +44 (0) 1496 840 557 (please note, you may not always get phone signal on the island, particularly on the road down to the distillery). Please report to the Welcome Desk when you arrive and a member of the team will direct you to the tasting or tour area. Please note, we cannot start a tasting or tour outside of the allocated times, so you may miss some information if arriving late.

Will there be transport to and from the distillery? Where does it go from and at what time?

Yes, we will be operating a free park and ride shuttle bus from Persabus at the start of the road down to Bunnahabhain. This will run throughout the day, to and from the distillery. Please allow up to 45 minutes for this journey.

Can I drive and park at the distillery?

Please note, the road to Bunnahabhain will be CLOSED on Bunnahabhain day, so we ask you to please make use of the shuttle bus service. We are working with the council and Police Scotland to ensure everyone's safety on the single track road down to Bunnahabhain.

I will be driving. Is it possible to take the whiskies away to enjoy at a later date?

Yes, we offer 3cl 'driver dram' bottles which you can decant your dram in to take away and enjoy at your leisure.

What should I wear to Bunnahabhain Day?

Here on Islay, the weather can change very quickly, so we recommend coming prepared for all eventualities! We'd recommend bringing waterproofs, warm clothing, sun cream, midge repellent and sensible shoes. If you are attending a class in one of the warehouses or filling stores, these can be chilly, so come with extra layers! If you're going on a production tour, please ensure you have appropriate footwear - no heels or flip flops please!

Is there WiFi at the distillery?

We have been working to improve our WiFi at Bunnahabhain distillery, but on Bunnahabhain Day, we do experience an increase in visitors that can slow the WiFi down. We ask you to be mindful when logging onto the distillery WiFi (don't use it for downloading or uploading large files) to ensure this runs well for all our friends.

Is there phone signal at the distillery?

Bunnahabhain is one of the most remote distilleries on Islay and therefore the phone signal is not very good at the distillery or on the road down. Please bear this in mind when making any plans, as you may not be able to reach anyone (or be reached!) by phone.

Fèis Ìle Whiskies

Where can I purchase the Fèis Ìle whiskies?

Our Fèis Ìle whiskies are available at the distillery, online and the Canasta and Manzanilla cask limited releases will also be available in selected specialist retailers around the world. These are limited whiskies, so once they're gone, they're gone!

How many Fèis Ìle whiskies have been released in 2023?

We have three Fèis Ìle whiskies for 2023. These include the Canasta Cask Matured, Manzanilla Cask Finish and the Distillery Exclusive Moine Triple Cask. For more information on these whiskies, take a look at the Fèis Ìle collection within our shop.

Are there any limits on how many bottles I can purchase on your website?

Yes, to make things as fair as possible our Manzanilla release and the distillery exclusive Moine Triple Cask are limited to 1 per person.

I've got an issue with the whisky, what should I do?

For general questions and issues, please send us an email to and we'll get this sorted. If you have a question regarding your online order and delivery, please get in touch via As cork is a natural product, this can sometimes break or have imperfections, but we understand how frustrating it is. Please get in touch with us either via email ( or or on social media with the following details and we'll get this resolved. Name, contact email, contact phone number, address, image of bottle, name of whisky, LOT code. The LOT code can mostly be found at the bottom of the bottle, printed or engraved on the rim and should look similar to “1712345 L5 08:00 18123”.