Mòine Brandy

  • 55.3% abv
  • Un-chillfiltered
  • Natural colour

Taste the rich grape and dried fruit flavours from brandy casks and the nutty sweet, smoky character of Mòine in this delicious limited edition malt.


About the Moine Brandy

Whilst known for being the un-peated Islay malt, Bunnahabhain does produce its very own ‘Mòine’ which means ‘Peated’ in Scots Gaelic. After spending years in our coastal warehouse, maturing in sherry casks, we have, for the first time in the distillery’s history, transferred our Mòine to brandy casks, for another 3 years of maturation. By finishing the whisky for three years in brandy casks, we have married the rich grape and dried fruit flavours with the nutty, sweet, smoky character of Mòine. Truly distinctive.

The Details

Tasting Notes

  • Colour

    Rich gold

  • Nose

    Smoky peppery nose with hints of dried fruit and grapes, honeyed nuts and rich oak.

  • Palate

    Rich and smooth with a rounded balance of dried fruit, a rich brandy influence and a robust smokiness.

  • Finish

    Long and lingering sweet smoke.